Cyberclaims and AmCham partnership

Ever since 1961, the AmCham or American Chamber of Commerce in Netherlands has been the spokesperson for American businesses in the country. US-based firms employ around 450,000 people, that are responsible for almost 12% of Netherlands’ entire annual revenue.

AmCham has been handling transatlantic trade for companies for a long time now, and Netherlands is the number one option for American firms to invest in. Many world-famous brands partner with AmCham to trade in Netherlands and leverage the various benefits on offer.

Cybercrime is on the Rise

In recent years, E-Commerce has gained popularity, and after the Coronavirus pandemic, most brands have embarked on a digital transformation journey. Lots of investors have started investing in cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies. 

However, as online trading grows, cybercrime is on the rise too. Fraudsters are always on the lookout to scam people and rob their hard-earned money. 

To protect American organizations and ensure safe business and investment, AmCham has partnered with Cyberclaims. The firm is committed to tackling cryptocurrency scams and helps trace and freeze clients’ digital assets. 

Cyberclaims Will Help Protect Your Digital Assets

AmCham has been the lead voice guiding US firms on investment policy, business, and regulatory matters in Netherlands. With Cyberclaims’ immense cryptocurrency knowledge and blockchain analytics, we can offer the best ideas and solutions to boost our members’ business growth.

Cyberclaims has a certified, dedicated team that can tackle your problems with the right solutions. If you have been a victim of cyber fraud or theft, we can help you recover your lost assets. Clients can access our solutions from anywhere in the world.

Services Offered by Cyberclaims

For those who indulge in crypto trading or other online investment, Cyberclaims has a myriad of services to protect them from cybercrime and protect their assets. 

Cryptocurrency Tracing – There are multiple security risks associated with crypto trading. With Cyberclaims’ crypto tracing solutions, it is possible to expose a person’s crypto wallet identity keys associated with suspicious transactions. State-of-the-art technology is used to get insights from crypto tracing and conduct efficient blockchain investigations. Even when criminals try to hide, Cyberclaims will help recover your stolen crypto assets at reasonable charges. 

Website Forensics – A sophisticated and effective approach to digital forensics help Cyberclaims protect their clients from cyber fraud. Digital assets are sensitive, and they use the best website forensic techniques to protect your organization and fight digital attacks. 

Brand Protection – Cyberclaims protects your digital and intellectual assets from ransomware, copyright infringement, counterfeiting, and other online attacks. The use of modern technology and software prevents cyber attacks and recovers damage caused by past attacks. 

Website Takedown – This service aims to fight phishing websites and malicious, suspicious sites. Fraudsters have come up with new tactics, but Cyberclaims is quick to detect and disengage such websites. They detect suspicious websites that may be impersonating your organization and take proper action against them. 

Dispute Resolution Support – Cyberclaims offers dispute resolution so that there is no chaos at your organization affecting the employees’ productivity. Through an informal and flexible process, all disputes are quickly resolved at a nominal fee. 

Consultancy & Documentation Support – Great consultancy requires great documentation. After the consultancy provides its services, documentation decides whether your company fails or succeeds in an operation. Cyberclaims offers both services and clearly presents clients’ cases to law enforcement. They also provide all necessary evidence, analysis, reports, and other relevant stuff. 

Business Solutions – Businesses are looking at new methods for marketing and promotion. Cyberclaims provides result-oriented, client-focused business solutions for your company’s success. With the use of modern tools, technology, and strategies, your business will reach new heights. 

Due Diligence Investigations – Cyberclaims will conduct these investigations to assess every possible legal and financial risk to your company’s assets. Potential investors can be assured of profitability through these due diligence investigations.

Keep Your Digital Assets Safe

AmCham has always worked for the business interests of American companies in the Netherlands, and this partnership with Cyberclaims further goes to protect their interests and assets. 

Cyberclaims is passionate about protecting clients’ brand reputation and protecting them from online fraud and scamsters. With top-class crypto intelligence and blockchain analytics, Cyberclaims ensures safe crypto trading and helps trace and freeze assets in case a client loses them.

All AmCham member companies can rest assured with Cyberclaims security solutions and ideas. 


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