Cyberclaims and Elliptic partnership

Cyberclaims Partners with Elliptic to Combat Crypto Fraud

In recent months, cybercrime has been on the rise, with hackers coming up with new techniques to steal money from investors and businesses. More and more people have started investing online, with various cryptocurrencies trending worldwide.

Cyberclaims strives to help online financial fraud victims, and our team of dedicated professionals uses the right strategy to freeze and recover our clients’ lost assets. Recently, Cyberclaims has partnered with cryptoasset risk management provider Elliptic to help clients through world-class blockchain analytics and crypto intelligence.

Online crypto fraud victims who have lost money to fraudsters or got their crypto assets stolen have access to the best crypto tracing services and blockchain investigations. Elliptic’s crypto compliance services and other tracing solutions are preferred worldwide by regulators, financial institutions, and crypto businesses to detect crypto frauds, prevent thefts, and recover assets. 

Elliptic – Bringing Compliance to Crypto Assets and Trading

Cyberclaims aims to protect people from online fraud, and with Elliptic, the aim is to make crypto trading safe and secure from theft. Most crypto transactions take place on decentralized platforms, and hackers take advantage of this.

Elliptic’s solutions are built on hundreds of billions of proprietary data points offering over 97% coverage of crypto transactions by trading volume, along with the largest collection of crypto exchange risk profiles. Elliptic is used by the largest financial institutions and exchanges globally, helping them not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to achieve unparalleled efficiency gains within compliance.

The combination of Cyberclaims with Elliptic, will help trace crypto transactions, target fraudsters, and help recover assets. 

Elliptic’s Crypto Tracing and Anti-Fraud Solutions

Elliptic provides crypto tracing and blockchain analytics for all crypto assets with value to help clients meet regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements. Compliance is vital for building trust among crypto regulators, partners, businesses, and consumers, and Elliptic has anti-money laundering and crypto tracing and monitoring solutions, including: 

Crypto Wallet Screening – Clients can analyze the risk involved with their crypto wallets and get efficient insights regarding their transactions using the Elliptic Lens. This helps in knowing who you are transacting with, whether all regulations and sanctions are followed, track wallet addresses, etc., to combat crypto fraud. It is possible to automate compliance verification and block high-risk transactions

Crypto Investigations – Elliptic Investigator creates detailed visualizations and charts for crypto wallets and all the transactions made among them. Use over 100 billion data points to analyze user activity, visualize transactions between different entities, check out a crypto money trail, and keep track of high-risk, shady wallet addresses. 

Crypto Transaction Monitoring – The Elliptic Navigator ensures compliance and AML practices at a large scale. You can monitor multiple crypto transactions in real time and check the movement of crypto assets and funds as they travel through various blockchains. It is possible to find links to sanctioned entities, terrorist finance, or other illegal activities to ensure anti-money laundering while trading in crypto.

VASP Screening – Before transacting with anyone, you can use Elliptic Discovery to evaluate the risk associated with different VASPs or Virtual Asset Service Providers, crypto exchanges, and related businesses. Make sure you are dealing with safe and secure entities to reduce the risk of online crypto frauds. 

How Clients Can Benefit from Cyberclaims’ Partnership with Elliptic?

Clients who have been a victim of crypto fraud and lost their hard-earned assets will really benefit from Cyberclaims’ partnership with Elliptic. They will be helped by an expert team of regulation affairs experts, solution engineers, and tech support agents who provide the best solutions to ensure crypto assets compliance, crypto tracing, and recovery of stolen assets. 

Minimum Compliance Cost

Elliptic helps to automate the crypto compliance process along with quick, effective VASP screening capabilities. APIs are in place to screen crypto transactions and crypto wallets on a large scale quickly. Clients can also configure risk rules based on their needs and sanction risky entities.

Reduced False Positives

There are over 100 billion data points, and millions of crypto wallet addresses are linked to known entities. This ensures that clients can focus on high-risk, priority alerts instead of getting affected by false positives.

Quick and Effective Risk Reporting

Clients can monitor and trace crypto transactions in real time, along with the movement of funds and assets through various exchanges. It is easy to know about the source and destination of the crypto assets, and one can export this audit trail. This makes risk reporting quick and helps deal with fraud.

Help From Crypto Experts

Crypto technology and regulation experts offer knowledge and training about crypto money laundering activities, regulation trends, compliance requirements, etc., so that clients or partners can tackle fraud better. 

Ensure Safe Crypto Trading and Recover Stolen Assets!!

There have been quite a few high-profile crypto hacks and scams in recent times, and many online investors have also been targeted by scammers. Cyberclaims have always worked to save people from online fraud and help them get back their hard-earned assets. Our partnership with Elliptic takes crypto compliance and crypto tracing to the next level.

It is possible to track Illicit transactions anywhere in the world, to know the source and destination of crypto assets, and recover stolen assets. We believe that Elliptic offers the best solutions for clients to ensure crypto compliance and safe transactions. 


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