Uniswap Scam Alert
Uniswap Scam Alert

In the world of cryptocurrency, scams and fraudulent activities have unfortunately become a recurring issue. Recently, the renowned creator of the Uniswap protocol and CEO of Uniswap Labs, Hayden Adams, took to Twitter to express his surprise and concern about a sophisticated scam that targeted users of the popular Uniswap platform. This scam involved the creation of a fake Uniswap website, cleverly designed to deceive unsuspecting users and compromise their funds.

Hayden Adams, known for his dedication to the Uniswap community, was taken aback by the level of effort put into the scam. The scammers went to great lengths to make their scheme appear legitimate, incorporating Chinese community content into their deceptive website. They even included links that directed users to the authentic Uniswap app, further enhancing the illusion of credibility.

However, what truly shocked Adams was the discovery that the scammers had organized an elaborate Zoom recording. In this hour-long video presentation, individuals posing as high-ranking executives from Uniswap aimed to deceive viewers and make them believe in the authenticity of the scam. Upon watching the video, Adams expressed his utter bewilderment, stating, “Video is nuts. No idea who any of those people are.”

To clarify any misconceptions, Adams made it clear that neither Uniswap nor the Uniswap Foundation had any association or involvement with the video or the individuals featured in it. This revelation exposed the deceptive nature of the scam, indicating that it may have revolved around a video showcasing individuals in Shenzhen, China, promoting the Uniswap (UNI) token. Titles such as “The first Uniswap Asian Summit” and “Guest: CEO of Uniswap” were reportedly used to mislead viewers.

Upon uncovering this scam, Adams and his dedicated team immediately initiated efforts to combat and mitigate its impact. One of their primary objectives was to take down the domain used to create the forged website. By doing so, they aimed to protect unsuspecting users from falling victim to the scam and potentially losing their hard-earned funds.

Crypto enthusiasts and users of the Uniswap platform were astonished by the events described in Adams’ tweet. Twitter user Roland, residing near Shenzhen, expressed his surprise at the reported event and speculated that it may have been organized discreetly due to the stringent cryptocurrency regulations in China. It’s worth noting that the People’s Bank of China has prohibited crypto exchanges from operating in the country since 2018, citing concerns over public financing without approval.

As the Uniswap team continues to address the situation and take necessary actions, it serves as a stark reminder for cryptocurrency users to exercise utmost caution. It is essential to verify the authenticity of websites and platforms before engaging in any transactions or sharing sensitive information. Only by interacting with official, verified platforms can users mitigate the risks associated with scams and protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes in the ever-evolving crypto space.

The Uniswap scam alert serves as a reminder of the importance of staying vigilant in the face of ever-present threats in the cryptocurrency industry. The Uniswap team’s swift response to this incident demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy platform for their users. By raising awareness about such scams and taking proactive measures, the Uniswap community aims to foster a safer environment for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to the Uniswap scam alert, it is crucial to remain aware of other fraudulent activities in the financial world. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently flagged several scams that individuals should be cautious about. These scams involve unauthorized firms and individuals attempting to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Here is a list of some of the scams that have been flagged by the FCA:

  • INFINITE PRIME: This firm, INFINITE PRIME, is not authorized or registered by the FCA. Individuals should exercise caution when dealing with this entity.
  • FXCYCLETRADER FINANCIAL: Similarly, FXCYCLETRADER FINANCIAL is not authorized or registered by the FCA. It is important to be vigilant and avoid engaging with such unverified firms.
  • OCTUSGLOBALLTD.COM: OCTUSGLOBALLTD.COM is another entity that lacks authorization or registration by the FCA. Individuals should be cautious when encountering this firm.
  • INFINITY MINERS: INFINITY MINERS is not authorized or registered by the FCA. It is crucial to exercise due diligence and avoid dealing with unregulated entities.
  • GLOBA GIANT ASSET / GLOBAGIANTASSET: This firm, operating under the name GLOBA GIANT ASSET or GLOBAGIANTASSET, is not authorized or registered by the FCA. Individuals should be wary of engaging with such entities.
  • CRYSTAEARN: CRYSTAEARN is not authorized or registered by the FCA. It is important to verify the legitimacy of firms before engaging in any financial transactions with them.
  • VTZ CAPITALS: Individuals should be cautious when dealing with VTZ CAPITALS, as it is not authorized or registered by the FCA.
  • ACCET MINING: ACCET MINING lacks authorization or registration by the FCA. It is advisable to avoid engaging with such unverified firms.
  • Wisdom Finance: Wisdom Finance is not authorized or registered by the FCA. Individuals should exercise caution when dealing with this entity.
  • BLOCKCHAIN MINNERS LTD: BLOCKCHAIN MINNERS LTD, similar to the previous entries, is not authorized or registered by the FCA. It is essential to be wary of such entities.

These are just a few examples of the scams that the FCA has recently identified. It is crucial for individuals to stay informed and be cautious when dealing with financial firms or individuals. Verifying the authorization and registration of entities with the relevant regulatory bodies is a vital step in protecting oneself from potential fraudulent schemes. By conducting thorough research, and seeking advice from reputable sources, individuals can better safeguard their finances and protect themselves from falling victim to scams in the ever-evolving financial landscape.


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