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We all know that cyber attacks can be frustrating, leaving your intellectual property and trade secrets relatively exposed.
Are you tired of the frustration of seeing all your hard work being taken away by cybercriminals? Or do you feel your digital assets are not well protected?
Worry no more, as the Brand Protection Services offered by Cyberclaims will ensure the security of your digital assets and intellectual properties.
It might interest you to know that keeping your brand unprotected equals potential brand abuse, which is why you need to learn about what brand protection is all about and how Cyberclaims can deliver this vital service to you.


  • Introduction to brand protection
  • Different types of brand abuse
  • The risks of not protecting your brand
  • Methods and Tools
  • Why you need Cyberclaims to help with your brand protection

What is Brand Protection?

Brand protection is the act of protecting the data and intellectual property of enterprises and their associated brands against ransomware, counterfeiting, copyright infringement, and general online hazards.
Brand protection cannot be overemphasized as it not only prevents the company from losing its assets, it also protects the company’s reputation.

Different Types Of Brand Abuse

Brand abuse may come in various forms, which entail a third party infringing on a brand’s personal information and using it for their gain.

It could be in the form of:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Malicious websites
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Impersonation
  • Copyright piracy

The Risks of not Protecting your Brands

Like most valuable assets, risks abound when you fail to put security measures in place to protect your intellectual and digital properties. Failure to protect your digital assets may result in:

  1. Waste of valuable time. In an attempt to fight off or catch counterfeit sellers, which is more like a full-time job, you spend valuable time that could be invested in promoting your brands.
  2. You risk losing your brand’s reputation. Counterfeit brands with their bad reviews will have a lot of negative impacts on your brand’s reputation. Having established this, you should know what is at stake for your brand.
  3. No business would want to partner with your brand.
  4. You risk losing trusted customers.

Methods And Tools

At Cyberclaims, our team of expert brand protectors employs:

  • Keyword monitoring
  • Image recognition
  • Machine learning
  • Smart user experience to ensure our customers enjoy brand protection at its peak.

Keyword monitoring uses bots to search for malicious websites and access potentially dangerous links, looking for listings with the aid of keywords peculiar to your brand.
Image recognition; Using this software, Cyberclaims aims to analyze images and objects online and detect images that may threaten your brand’s reputation.
Machine learning is another tool employed at Cyberclaims to identify resemblances in information and data.

Why Cyberclaims?

At Cyberclaims, we offer your brand advanced solutions. The service we offer prevents brand attacks before they launch and helps mitigate the damage caused by already launched attacks.
With the recent upsurge in brand impersonation, some dubious websites might be stealing your private information without your prior knowledge. Cyberclaims possesses sophisticated software and an experienced team that can ensure the security of your confidential information.
Cyberclaims helps protect your email gateways by locking up your email with a highly encrypted key. This will prevent phishing and harmful exploitation.
Protection of your brand reputation ensures that we prevent ransomware and counterfeiting. At Cyberclaims, we understand what it takes to build a brand and watch it grow, and we are committed to offering our customers the best brand protection services.
Consult us now at Cyberclaims to help you remove Cybersquatters & Look-alike Websites that take advantage of your Brand & Trademark. You can monitor brand infringements and Identify fake shops efficiently with the service of Cyberclaims.
Having established that every brand needs to be protected, Cyberclaims delivers the most efficient and effective service delivery accompanied by utmost customer satisfaction. Clients are of great importance and precede all.

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