Have you been a victim of CRYPTO SCAMS?

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your assets!


With our expertise and forensic software, we identify the flow of cryptocurrencies through address chains and potentially help victims of cyber fraud recover the lost amounts.

Cryptocurrency Tracing

Assistance to victims of scams to trace cryptocurrencies sent to fraudulent entities, to identify cashout points, connect the dots and potentially help you recover the lost amounts.

Cyberclaims ensures your website is secured and protected

Website Forensics

Uncover scam networks, digital forensics related to fraud or brand infringements.

Cyberclaims - Protect your brand before it's too late

Brand Protection

Remove Cybersquatters & Look-alike websites that take advantage of your Brand & Trademark. Monitor brand infringements and Identify fake shops.

Cyberclaims - Protect your website from online attacks

Website Takedown

Takedown fraudulent websites, copy right infringement products, blackmail content (ex revenge porn).

Cyberclaims - Dispute resolutions. Solve conflicts through our services.

Dispute Resolution Support

Unhappy with the service you received or suspect fraud? We can potentially help you resolve disputes through negotiations with companies in question, disputes, litigation, etc

Cyberclaims - Consultancy And Documentation Support. We are here to help!

Consultancy & Documentation Support

Help to present your case clearly to the authorities such as law enforcement – evidence of the incident, reports, analyzing their relevance etc.

Cyberclaims - Grow your business with our top-notch services

Business Services

B2B dispute resolution in case of fraud, chargeback prevention, consulting and winning chargebacks for the merchants.

Cyberclaims - Here to help you make the right decision before dealing with any major business

Due Diligence Investigations

Global Experts in Due Diligence investigations.

Tracing cryptocurrency transactions to uncover cyber fraud

Powered by the world’s leading cryptocurrency intelligence and blockchain analytics, we deliver deep insights into cryptocurrency tracing, the money laundering risks from virtual asset service providers, etc. Our software allows us to identify the risks related to crypto wallets, identify the cashout points and determine where the funds exactly were sent to and cashed out from.

Cryptocurrency scams have left yet another victim in their wake, this time a British woman from Norfolk, who lost her life savings …

Cryptocurrency scams have left yet another victim in their wake, this time a British woman from Norfolk, who lost her life savings …

Have you been a victim of Crypto Scams?
We can help you trace & freeze your assets! Act Now!

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