With our expertise and forensic software, we identify the flow of cryptocurrencies through address chains and potentially help victims of cyber fraud recover the lost amounts.

Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner

Making payments using cryptocurrencies does not mean your transactions are entirely shielded against the claws of internet fraudsters.

Do you know that there are certain ways whereby the identities of individuals linked to specific cryptocurrency wallets are being exposed?

You are a victim of cyber fraud, and you can not stop blaming yourself for being defrauded? This isn’t your fault, as you are yet to discover and explore what cryptocurrency tracing is all about.

This piece will explore all you need to know about cryptocurrency tracing, its importance, and the best company that offers this service.

Let’s dive right in:

  • Introduction to cryptocurrency tracing.
  • Who is a cryptocurrency-certified examiner?
  • When does one need the service of a cryptocurrency tracing-certified examiner?
  • How is this even possible? What techniques are being applied?
  • Why Cyberclaims is the right company for your cryptocurrency tracing services

About Cryptocurrency Tracing

This is a part of the investigation process to recover cryptocurrencies obtained via online hacking, theft, fraud, and other extortion schemes, by tracing these activities on the blockchain.

Cyberclaims uses a technology powered by Elliptic, the world’s leading cryptocurrency intelligence and blockchain analytics, to deliver deep insights into cryptocurrency tracing and the money laundering risks from virtual asset service providers.
Through our team of certified examiners, we offer the best cryptocurrency tracing services for:

  • Law firms
  • Cryptocurrencies exchangers
  • Digital assets investors
  • Victims of online fraud
Elliptic: Blockchain Analytics & Crypto Compliance Solutions

Who Is a Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner, and What Do They Do?

A cryptocurrency tracing certified examiner is a certified expert with a very sound knowledge of the blockchain. This certified examiner employs a risk-based approach to track the source of blockchain funds and de-anonymize cryptocurrency transactions using cryptocurrency forensic tools.

A cryptocurrency tracing certified examiner offers the following services:

  • Tracing the source of blockchain funds and de-anonymizing cryptocurrency transactions with Bitcoin and Ethereum (or blockchain) forensic tools.
  • Quick estimation of the risk involved in cryptocurrency and digital assets transactions.
  • Enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of blockchain forensic investigations.

When Does One Need the Services of a Certified Cryptocurrency Tracing Examiner?

The service of a certified cryptocurrency tracing examiner is required once you start suspecting any unauthorized access to your secured crypto wallets and digital assets.

Additionally, receiving notifications of transactions you never authorized is an indication that you need our service.

How is this Even Possible? What Techniques are Applied?

In order to execute these tasks, Cyberclaims specialize in tracing the following types of information that would be of great help to the investigating unit:

Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis is a method that aims to deanonymize blockchain data, linking together different wallets belonging to the same user. This also enables one to determine whether any of the linked addresses have a UTXO.

Attribution Data

This will aid the investigation processes by analyzing ownership attribution information for numerous accounts, also with the aim of deanonymizing blockchain addresses.

Subpoena Targets

Through this, all cryptocurrency companies that comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations can get identifying information for their customers who own wallet addresses.

Other types of information traced by Cyberclaims that can help hasten the investigation processes include:

  • Transaction mapping
  • IP Address
  • Total transaction

Why Cyberclaims is the Right Choice For Your Cryptocurrency Tracing Services

Cyberclaims has vast experience in matters relating to cryptocurrency thefts and scams.
How we approach cryptocurrency-related fraud depends solely on the level of technical sophistication applied by the party involved in the scam.

We also consider the extent to which these cybercriminals go to conceal their identities.

Our state-of-the-art software enables us to identify the risks related to crypto wallets, identify the cashout points, and determine exactly where the funds were sent to and cashed out from.

We assist victims of scams in tracing cryptocurrencies sent to the fraudulent entities, identify the cashout points, connect the dots and potentially help you to recover the lost amounts.

Contact us now at Cyberclams and see all your forfeited cryptocurrencies and digital assets being restored in the most effective and efficient manner.

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