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Website Forensics

Website Forensics

In light of the increasing rate of cybercrimes worldwide, Computer forensics is gradually holding the forte in ensuring that these unethical activities do not destroy businesses and brands’ reputations.

What is Website Forensics?

Website forensics is considered under the broad umbrella of computer and internet forensics and its related aspects. It usually involves recovering stolen websites and retrieving evidence hidden on computers and cell phones.
It could also be defined as investigating criminal activity that has occurred or is occurring on your website. It thoroughly analyzes the origins, contents, patterns, and transmission paths of web pages, email gateways, web server scripts, browser history, and header messages.
Due to the unrestricted accessibility of most websites, there is little or no form of security to shield them from cyber-attacks which could very well be potentially dangerous.
Website forensics is a vast field with different branches. Some of the different branches of website forensics include :

  • Network Forensics
  • It is a branch of website forensics that is based mainly on monitoring and examination of computer network traffic to gather valuable information and legal proof.

  • Malware Forensics
  • This branch specializes in detecting malicious codes, worms, viruses, etc.

  • Disk Forensics
  • This branch deals with extracting essential pieces of information from different storage media by searching active or deleted files.

  • Email Forensics
  • It involves the examination and retrieval of emails, including deleted emails and contacts.

  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • This deals with the examination of mobile devices. It helps to recover phone and SIM contacts, call logs, incoming, and outgoing SMS/MMS, Audio, videos, etc.

    In the unfortunate event of cyber compromise, Cyberclaims helps you identify, preserve, recover and analyze your digital information. We ensure that your brand is extra fortified in the event of a cyber-attack.
    At Cyberclaims, we deploy a variety of sophisticated approaches and advanced forensic software to work on your digital information so it can be admissible in court.

    What We Do Differently at Cyberclaims

    We provide exceptional service in digital forensics investigations for electronic devices to solve cybercrime.
    With our advanced forensic equipment’, we ensure your website is adequately secured and fully protected. We can scrutinize and retrieve digital information from any known digital device.

    Our team of experts has considered how delicate digital information can be and has come up with full-proof methods of capturing both persistent and volatile data and preserving their integrity.
    As the world continues to evolve, cyber-attacks become more complex with many intricacies. At Cyberclaims, we’re glad to say that we do not slack in swiftly adapting to any changes. We have the capacity and skills to uncover all kinds of digital evidence to identify cyber threats and potentially harmful software.

    Why Your Brand Needs Cyberclaims Website Forensic Services

    Having your organization protected by Cyberclaims is a long-term investment. With this, you are ensuring that your enterprise is fully backed up in the event of any digital attacks.
    Our team of professionals would navigate these cyber-attacks with the most advanced and sophisticated methods available in digital forensics. This would ensure that all lost information and data are retrieved in their original states and existing data is adequately secured.

    We implement our sustainable approaches involving a range of steps:

    • Collecting digital evidence
    • Proper scrutiny and examination
    • Analyzing the data

    We also offer consultations to employees on how to utilize our user-friendly digital manuals, which educate them on some essential aspects of digital workspace security. With this, your employees are more security-canny and develop better workplace ethics.

    In the case where retrieved data has to be presented as evidence at court hearings, Cyberclaims organizes the resources needed and would, on request, accompany you to afford ease and efficiency.

    The importance of a sustainable digital forensics service to any valuable brand cannot be overemphasized.

    At Cyberclaims, our team of forensic scientists strives to implement our core values of delivering quality over quantity.

    Cyberclaims maintains its promise of providing your enterprise with sustainable, efficient, and excellent service, of which you will continue to reap the benefits in years to come.

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