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Website Takedown

Website Takedown

With increased advancement in the digital space, there’s no doubt about the insurmountable benefits the internet offers, but in recent times, the cons outweigh the pros.

What is Website Takedown?

Website takedown includes all actions geared towards taking down malicious sites and phishing websites. It is a process of removing infringing domains and websites from the internet.

When dealing with website takedowns on an individual basis, a lot of effort is put into detecting and analyzing these malicious domains, which can be very time-consuming.

Cybercriminals have devised many technological approaches to evade enforcement efforts, but with Cyberclaims website takedown service, we automatically disengage fake websites by detecting and identifying website portfolio gaps. You can easily detect these malicious websites and report them using our state-of-the-art technology.

With the intent of stealing your content to divert traffic that would typically come to your website, selling counterfeits of your brand’s products, and even creating phishing sites to steal your customers’ personal and financial information, these cybercriminals taint the reputation of your brand and consequently make you lose the trust and confidence of your customers.

How Our Website Takedown Solution Can Keep Your Enterprise Safe

Detection of Fake Websites through Search Engine and Database Analysis: Cyberclaims website takedown solution scans and analyses search engines and website databases to detect and report fake websites.

This entails detecting these fake websites and domains on:

  • Search engines
  • Website databases
  • Social media and associated software

Reporting and Enabling the Domain Takedown:

Prevent repeat infringers by uncovering their identities and leveraging information to take legal action. This would prevent your intellectual property from being tampered with and subsequent loss of value.

At Cyberclaims, we use bots to search for and detect these malicious sites effectively. We also rely on these bots to furnish us with up-to-date infringement data. Once these are detected, these infringements can be automatically validated and labeled as brand impersonation infringements, and as such, action can immediately be taken.

A Phishing Website and What it does To Your Business

A phishing website usually has the name and appearance of an original website. These websites are created to duplicate legitimate businesses and deceive customers into believing they are visiting the official website. When unsuspecting customers visit these fake websites, they unknowingly share their login details, credit card information, and other personal details. Scammers may also be using these fake websites to sell counterfeit products. Sometimes these websites or domains are developed in such a way that they are seemingly difficult to detect.

At Cyberclaims, we monitor your brand name to detect any suspicious domains that might be posing as your brand and bring them down. We strive to maintain a standard of excellence while still providing you with sustainable service that protects your brand.

Our methodologies and techniques continually meet our customer’s standards, and our work ethics breathe perfection. Having your brand secured by Chberclaims is your first shot at intellectual and financial security for your brand. Reach out to us now at Cyberclaims, and you will not regret doing so

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