Cyberclaims and Scam Detector partnership and, both leading companies in the now critical fight against online scams, have got into a service-enhancing partnership. This comes at a time when both companies are focused on offering strategic and efficient services to their customers.

This partnership is founded on the understanding that both companies share the same valuable goal: to fight online scams and protect consumers. We know that by working together, we can make a real difference. We’re both committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our defenses against online scammers.

With this partnership, the two companies will be able to share information and resources, and this means the products for our great customers will even be much better. is a superior authority for identifying and reporting online scams. And with’s expertise in working with scam victims to help them recover lost funds, customers will certainly benefit the most.

What more can customers expect from the partnership?

  • An increase in the number of scams that are reported and speedily investigated.
  • Improved customer service that’s tailored to diverse needs.
  • Fast and easy access to the latest scam information.
  • Comprehensive protection against all types of online scams.

This partnership effectively provides customers with the best opportunity to quickly access a wealth of information on how to protect themselves from online scams. And it will also give them the convenience to file legitimate recovery claims based on the support of the immense resources from Scam Detector. 

About Cyberclaims 

Cyberclaims is a digital assets recovery company that is dedicated to helping victims of cyber fraud to recover their lost funds. The company uses cryptocurrency intelligence and blockchain analytics to provide effective solutions to customers from any part of the world. 

The core services offered by Cyberclaims include:

Cryptocurrency Tracing

This solution helps victims of cryptocurrency scams to trace and discover the true identities of the scammers and their platforms. The company uses high end technology that is proven to deliver consistently, supported by smart insights that help to quickly trace the scammers. 

Website forensic: This involves digital forensic investigations that help to protect websites from the effects of cyber crimes. 

Brand protection: Helps businesses to protect their intellectual and digital assets against cyber threats such as ransomware. 

Website takedown: This solution is aimed at bringing down malicious websites that scammers use to defraud businesses and individuals.

Other solutions include dispute resolution support, consultancy and documentation, among others.    


Scam Detector is the world’s largest resource on fraud prevention, operated by professionals with a commitment to offering world-class safety resources. Millions of people from around the world rely on Scam Detector to make some of the most impactful decisions about protecting their finances.

From social media scams to cryptocurrency scams, Scam Detector has all the resources you need to make prudent consumer decisions without being influenced by outside forces. The company cooperates with a wide range of partners spread across the public, private sector and the not-for-profit industry.

Millions of consumers around the world appreciate Scam Detector as the Wikipedia of scams, trusting this comprehensive resource to guide their daily choices about their financial lives.

Why is this partnership important in the war against online scams?

As online scams are becoming increasingly rampant, it is critical that we form stronger partnerships to fight them. This is a problem that requires a concerted effort to fight. That’s why it’s so important to have strong partnerships among players in the industry. By working together, we can put an end to the damage these scams are causing and protect vulnerable populations from being scammed.

Only by working together can we hope to stem the tide of online scams. We need to be vigilant in our efforts to stop online scams, and that means everyone needs to do their part.

When companies team up as we have done, we’re able to create a powerful force against online scammers. We can share information, identify scams early, and warn others about the latest threats.

And it’s not just about preventing losses. By working together, we’re also sending a message to scammers that we’re not going to tolerate their behavior. We’re closing down their loopholes and making it harder for them to succeed.


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