Tracing cryptocurrency transactions to uncover cyber fraud
Tracing cryptocurrency transactions to uncover cyber fraud

In recent months, cybercrime has been on the rise, with hackers coming up with new techniques to steal money from investors and businesses. More and more people have started investing online, with various cryptocurrencies trending worldwide.

Cyberclaims is a Netherlands-based company that strives to help online financial fraud victims. Our team of dedicated professionals uses the right strategy to help victims of fraud to investigate cases in a correct manner and as a result freeze and recover the clients’ lost assets. Recently, Cyberclaims has partnered with DataExpert to help clients through world-class blockchain and crypto intelligence analytics.

Online crypto fraud victims who have lost money to fraudsters or got their crypto assets stolen have access to the best crypto tracing services and blockchain investigations. DataExpert crypto tracing solutions are showing the highest performance standards in terms of detecting crypto fraud, preventing thefts, and recovering assets.

Bringing Justice to Crypto Assets and Trading

Cyberclaims main goal is to protect people from online fraud, and with DataExpert, the aim is to make crypto trading safe and secure from theft. Most crypto transactions take place on decentralized platforms, and hackers take advantage of this.

DataExpert offers digital investigations, blockchain analytics, certification, and cybersecurity solutions for financial institutions and individuals. Businesses can handle the risks involved with crypto trading, achieve compliance, and grow confidently. Cyberclaims combination with DataExpert, will help trace crypto transactions, target fraudsters, and help recover assets. 

DataExpert Crypto Tracing and Anti-Fraud Solutions

DataExpert provides crypto tracing and blockchain analytics for more than 500 crypto assets so that clients can meet regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements. Compliance is vital for building trust among crypto regulators, partners, businesses, etc., and DataExpert has access to anti-money laundering, crypto tracing, and monitoring solutions. 

Clients can analyze the risk involved with their crypto wallets and get efficient insights regarding their transactions. This helps in knowing who you are transacting with, whether all regulations and sanctions are followed, track wallet addresses, etc. to combat crypto fraud.

How Clients Can Benefit from Cyberclaims’ Partnership with DataExpert?

Clients who have been a victim of crypto fraud and lost their hard-earned assets will really benefit from Cyberclaims’ partnership with DataExpert. They will be helped by an expert team of regulatory affairs experts, solution engineers, and support agents who provide the best solutions to ensure crypto assets compliance, crypto tracing, and recovery of stolen assets. 

Ensure Safe Crypto Trading and Recover Stolen Assets!!

There have been quite a few high-profile crypto hacks and scams in recent times, and many online investors have also been targeted by scammers. Cyberclaims have always worked to save people from online fraud and help them get back their hard-earned assets. The partnership with DataExpert takes crypto compliance and crypto tracing to the next level.

It is possible to track every transaction anywhere in the world, know the source and destination of crypto assets, and recover stolen assets. DataExpert offers the best solutions for clients to help trace risky crypto wallets, the destination of stolen funds, etc., and help those who have been a victim of crypto scams. 


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